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Clarence is well known in Hong Kong and Japan for the beautiful and high performance guns he made.  Other than a air-soft / model gunsmith, Clarence is also a well known BBIPSC shooter in Hong Kong.  He had joined major IPSC competitions in Hong Kong, Japan and Philipines using either air-soft gun or real gun.  Let's look at his work!!

Airsoft Pistol
CL Custom Glock Ultima Carry (Gun of the year 1999) (16/1/2000)
CL Custom Glock 17 (25/4/99) 
CL Custom Infinity Hybrid Modified Class Race Gun (14/3/99) 
CL Custom FBI Special (6/2/99)
CL Custom Millennium Compact (30/1/99)
CL Custom Smoking Hole Limited Class Race Gun (Gun of the year 1998) (26/12/98)
CL Custom Bianchi Cup Race Gun (19/12/98)
CL Custom Hi-capacity Officer (5/12/98)
CL Custom Steel Challenge Race Gun (18/10/98)
CL Custom Infinity 6 inches long slide (3/10/98)
CL Custom 9X23 Limited (12/9/98)
CL Custom Modified Class Government (5/9/98)
Purple Heart (13/8/98)
Hello Kitty Hi Capacity .45 (6/8/98)
Tolaemon Hi Capacity .45 (6/8/98)

Airsoft Revolver
PPC Revolver (26/8/99)
Moster Revolver (21/8/98)

Airsoft Shotgun
CL Custom Remington M1100 (24/10/98)

Automatic Electric Gun
CL Custom FN P90 (20/11/2000)
CL Custom G3 Sniper Version (12/6/2000)
CL Custom MP5A5 "END OF DAYS" (2/4/2000)
CL Custom Competition Rifle (1/11/99) 
CL Custom H-Bar AUG (1/8/99) 
CL Custom HK94L Carbine (1/8/99) 
CL Custom M4A1 Carbine (21/7/99) 
CL Custom HK51 Sniper Rifle (14/6/99) 
CL Custom AR-15 Competition Rifle (26/5/99)

Model gun pistol
SV .38 Super Government (29/8/98)

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