Purple Heart (C.L. Custom)
PURPLE HEART is based on the new released Western Arms (W.A.) Hi-Capacity .45 air-soft gun.  The proven mechanism of WA Magna-Blowback combines with the high quality work by Clarence, this gun is perfect either in look and in performance.  Believe it or not, this gun can shoot within 1cm groupings within 4 meters.  Thanks to the 115mm long 6.03 barrel fitted.  The custom work by Clarence provide good functions too.  The trigger guard is filed on the bottom to provide higher grip.  The cocking handle is custom made for this gun to provide faster, non-slip cocking.  Not to mention the aluminium magazine-well to provide easier reload.
Being a race gun, appearance is impoartant too, the special colour job by Clarence is unique in Hong Kong.  The same colour job is also painted on the STI scope mount too.  Slide which is hexagon in shape is also very unique.  When slide is opened, the special 3 pot-hybrid will catch your eyes.  The most beautiful part installed in this pistol is the hammer, the shape of this hammer comes from real gun hammer made by "Smoking Hole".  Shaping this hammer required lots of work.


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