DEN Trinity brings you some gun related topics.

Airsoft related

FN M249 Minimi AEG


M24 Socom Sniper Rifle Perfect Version

KSC Glock 18c

Tanaka Works Browning High Power Taiwanese Government Model

Taz "Special Short barrel M4A1"

American Gunkids "The Secret"

Jeff Leung M16A3 Sniper Rifle

New releases in 1999

Japan Trip Jan 2000

Basic airsoft mechanism

  • Western Arms Magna blowback



    Test report

  • Comparing Tanaka and KSC Glock 17 Rail Frame
  • Youth Engineering Gas Blowback MP5A5
  • KSC Edge 5.1



    Memorable Toy Gun

  • Maruzen P08 Airgun



    Model Gun Related

    Jeff Leung Custom AR-15 Sniper Rifle

    Model Gun Buffet (6th March 1999)

    Movie related

    Saving Private Ryan

    Sport related

    IPSC World Shoot XII Cebu Philippines 1999

    New shooting range for Top Gun Shooting Association (TGSA)

    International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA)

    Comparing red-dot sights for IPSC

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