Comparing Tanaka and KSC Glock 17 Rail Frame
Tanaka Glock 17 Railframe
KSC Glock 17 Railframe (Wilcox unit and ITI M3 unit shown)
As DEN Trinity predicted eariler a Glock war occurs in June.  Tanaka has declared it by releasing its Glock 17 rail frame just one week ahead of KSC’s.  It was 8 years ago when MGC released the first airsoft Glock 17.  MGC’s blowback system was good as that time, but with all technology, such a system faded as time passed; especially when Western Arms invented its patented “Magna Blowback” System.  Western Arms had planned to release its own Glock 17 in 1997 but due to financial difficulties, that project was cancelled.  And after 7 years of long wait, two Glock 17s are released within one week’s time.  This is certainly good news for airsofters.
A ramp in Tanaka Glock assists in feeding
Nozzle in KSC Glock
Tanaka Glock was released first; selling point of Tanaka Glock is its WA patented Magna Blowback System.  It is a system that is market proven and rated as the best blowback system.  So if you want the best and most reliable gas blowback Glock, Tanaka’s must be your choice.  Surface finish of Tanaka Glock is very good but the slide is a bit plastic looking.  The lower frame is well made and in scale though.  Marking on the gun is excellent too and each gun is serial numbered as an added finishing touch.

KSC Glock was released one week later than Tanaka’s.  KSC is still installing its own blowback system into its Glock.  Therefore it shoots very similar to Socom Mk23 and STI Edge.  In terms of surface finish, KSC Glock is better than Tanaka’s marginally.  The slide is less plastic looking.  But in reverse, the frame is worse looking than Tanaka's.  It seems as though KSC wants to emphasis the Glock as a polymer pistol.  Although both Glocks look very similar, KSC lower frame is better built as you can grip more comfortably.
Rear portion of Tanaka slide is filled with metal
Compared with Tanaka, KSC is lighter at rear
In terms of shooting, it is reasonable that Tanaka Glock wins the game with its Magna blowback.  The “kick” is better and the gun is very accurate.  20mm grouping can be achieve in 5m distance.  KSC Glock kicks less but its slide cycles faster.  The rear part of the slide is lighter and there is also a small mechanism in the slide to reduce friction with internal hammer.  Both contribute to the better slide cycle rate.

Muzzle velocity of each round is very consistent in the Tanaka Glock thanks to its R-type magazine.  Airsofters are sensitive to Tanaka’s gun as they are infamous for gas leaking problem.  R-type magazine is a sure cure to this problem.  In future, Tanaka’s Magna blowback guns will be equipped by R-type valve.  Both magazines from Tanaka and KSC are similar, storing 25 and 24 rounds respectively.  The base plate can be slipped to the front for gas charging, but will crack or break
easily if the magazine is dropped on the ground.  So care should be taken on the magazine.

In terms of trigger pull, KSC Glock is heavier than Tanaka’s.  Since Glock is a carry gun in nature, heavier trigger is more suitable.  Of course trigger pull will very much depend on personal taste.
Tanaka hammer and firing pin is a one piece design
KSC uses a two piece design
Tanaka claims a guide rod laser pointing device and a flashlight module will be released in future.  KSC is selling the US imported ITI M3 Flashlight, Wilcox laser pointer unit and flashlight unit for its Glock.  With the rail frame on both Glocks, you can sure put anything easily on them.
Magazine base can be slided to front for gas charging
Right hand view of KSC Glock
So which one is better?  DEN Trinity will of course stick to Tanaka Glock as it shoots better.  In terms of blowback, power and accuracy, Tanaka tops them all.  KSC Glock is not that bad at all as it only loses the game marginally.  It is a good gun too if you think about its lower price (4000 yen cheaper than Tanaka).  If you want the best Glock, take the Tanaka.  If you want a cheaper Glock with better appearance, take the KSC.  It is that simple.
Here is a field test review written by Nelson Lau.  DEN Trinity would like to show our appreciation to his input.

Here is my personal review of Tanaka Glock.
Field test:
-Power and accuracy very good and double taps are easy as pie.
-Hop up needs a little playing around with.
-Grip is a little slippery and i had to fix that with tennis grip tape.
-Magazine is very solid and there is absolutely no rattling.
-Effective range about 50 feet, and max range about 75 feet.
-Shoots better with .25s than with .2s  With 0.2s the bbs sail a bit.-
-Sights are horrible but point and shoot is very easy.
-Trigger is a little sticky and I'd prefer a lighter trigger pull still.
-Slide action is crisp and I find the added weight of the slide plates useless...they allow more kick but ur accuracy drops.
-I got 50 rds out of one refill with 134 gas with some rest between shots.
-If doing rapid fire, gas empties after 35-40 shots.
-It shoots well with both hands as the finger indentation and thumb rests are well placed...both big hands and smalls hands will be able to handle the glock.
-Needs a metal slide to do it  justice.

Nelson Lau
Vancouver Airsoft Club

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