New releases in 1999

DEN Trinity always brings you the hottest news as possible. At the beginning of the year, it is good for us to draw a summary of the "to be release" airsoft and model gun in this year.

As we have said, KSC will release quite a lot of pistols this year. After the success of SOCOM and Beretta M8000, KSC keeps on releasing either combat or handsome looking pistols. In 1999, Glock 17 rail frame, SIG PRO 2340 and Steyr M40 are lining up.  STI Edge variants may be a possibility for this year.  Not a word yet for model guns.  If they release the SIG PRO model gun, it will certainly be a great news.

Western Arms
Apart from variants from Hi-capacity Limited .45, not much new plans for this year. Long dust cover model, 6 inches model and 6 inches long dust cover may be released. Their releases will follow very close on KSC STI.  Therefore if KSC releases the 6 inches model, you will see WA releases their 6 inches very soon.

Tokyo Marui
Hot news!! The success of movie, "Saving Private Ryan" has encouraged Marui to release the AEG version of Thompson M1A1 and German sub-machine gun MP40 late this year.  According to reliable news, the release will depend very much on the demand, any WWII survival gamers, you should pray for it!

Tanaka Works
Glock 17 and 34 Magna blowback are long awaited from Tanaka.  With the reputation of Tanaka, Glock will be good in appearance and mechanics.  Hope Tanaka can release it soon.

Walther P99 gas blowback as all people knows. Hey, the news Bond movie will be out soon, will he still use P99?

MP5A5 model gun? not yet, we may see the ads for one more year.  Stunning to know that this model gun manufacturer is going airsoft and the first model will be gas blowback pistol Russia Tokarev TT-33 (black star).  The gun is still in development and it may take some time for Hudson to release it.

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