Tanaka Works Browning High Power Taiwanese Government Model

Special limited edition from Tanaka Works

We always rate Tanaka Works highly as this company is not as "commercial" as Western Arms.  They always make exciting guns and popularity is not a major concern.  USP,  SIG and Ruger P-08 series are perfect examples.  We are actually pretty amazed when we saw the P-08.  Wondering how the complex Magna Blowback system can be fitted is such a small space.  But the fact is, Tanaka have done it! And it works!!

Browning Hi-power is another great model that we are happy to see, but will never be considered by Western Arms.  Gas Blowback model of Hi-power is first made by Tokyo Marui.  No Joking!  Airsofters with more experience should remember a Marui Hi-power gas blowback model where gas are stored in a detachable small tank.  And that is the first Hi-power gas blowback model.  After that, JAC made another Hi-power model.   The most successful one will be the one made by Tanaka Works.  Not only Magna Blowback gives the gun the best mechanism, R-type valve also guarantees leak-free magazine and stable gas supply.

The gun comes with its own box

Chinese words say "Property of Taiwanese Government"

So what is so special about this gun.  Well, Japanese manufacturers always make replica of "genuine" real steel.  Beretta M92FS and Colt M1911 are the common ones you always see.  But you seldom see Taurus M92 clone nor Argentina made 1911 transformed into airsoft model.  This is a Canadian made Browning Hi-power which is ordered by Taiwanese Government in special contract. And Tanaka has the courage to transform this model into airsoft.

We are no history expect but we know during the internal war of China.  Taiwanese Government had a urgent demand of firearms.  Since they did not have a sidearm from sketch, they had to order this Hi-power from FN Canada.  And of course as an Taiwanese Government Property, special markings are engraved on the slide.

When it comes to appearance, Tanaka Works is a close second compared with KSC

John Browning is sure the leader of gun design, first the "forever green" 1911, then this double stack Hi-power

Mechanism wise, this Hi-power is no different from other Tanaka Hi-powers.  Other than the Magna Blowback and R-type magazine, it also features the real gun's magazine safety.  When the magazine is not inserted, trigger is not active.  Although it is a thoughtful idea, the mechanism involved has made the trigger pull quite nasty.

We always admire John Browning's design.  He seems to foresee all the future trends in gun design.  Double stack magazine and 9mm are now norms in modern guns like Glocks, M92FS and SIG P226.  But he designed it long ago in 1935.  We definitely hope there will be another John Browning in coming century.

Rear sight is range adjustable

The grip features a special cut for shoulder stock

Tanaka Works Browning High Power Taiwanese Government Model

Length 20.2cm
Height 13.1cm
Weight 570g
Barrel Length 12cm
Caliber 6mmBB
Magazine Capacity 19+1
Production (Limited) 1,200 pieces

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