A Shorten M4A1, moving in the jungle is not a problem at all
Another CL custom M4A1?  This time we cannot take the credit.  Our friend Taz Han, Lt. Doc King (Captain of Mike Force Bravo) designed this model.  He borrowed the hands of Clarence Lai and make this special M4A1 project "Taz" comes true.  Combining a short barrel with a Boltex flashider make this M4A1 more brilliant looking than ever.  DEN thinks this gun should go to the leader of a team.  Have you ever seen a commander of a team carrying a rifle longer than other team mates?
With the stock folded, this M4A1 is no longer than a CAR-15.  But it looks much better than a CAR-15
Just twisting in a Boltex flashider on an original M4A1 barrel is just too boring
Apart from the shorten barrel, this gun is also upgraded with our AEG001 moderate.  400fps upgrade is good for games as it brings good balance between power, range and ROF.  Reinforced gear box case is also installed along with AEG001 moderate.  Durability is assured.
I remembered someone said that the bolt cover function cannot be done with Classic Army metal body.  How about this?  Clarence restored this function with his brilliant gunsmithing skill
Yes, this is indeed a Classic Army M4A1 metal body.  It looks good but it is not easy to install 
As you can see, this time a Classic Army M4A1 metal body is installed in this "Taz".  Last time Clarence installed a ZEKE metal body in an CL custom M4A1 carbine.  He found out that ZEKE metal body is much more easier to work with.  Apart from the ease of installation and better fitted gaps, ZEKE body also allows the full function of bolt cover in M4A1 after installation.  Originally, Classic Army cannot support such a function.  But Clarence has managed to restore that in this "Taz".
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