M24 Socom Sniper Rifle Perfect Version

After the making of CL custom M24 Socom sniper rifle, we still think the M24 Socom Sniper Rifle has room for further improvement.  What you are seeing now is the end result of our thoughts.

The original two-piece barrel is replaced by a one-piece aluminum barrel.  The original PDI CA M24 barrel is a two-piece design.  That is not a special design but a response to cost control.  We have replaced the original outer barrel with a one-piece aluminum barrel.  The new one-piece fluted barrel also comes with cooling vents.  This barrel gives the M24 a real professional and stunning look

The trigger mechanism is further fine-tuned.  Since the M24 Socom trigger is based on the Sheriff M24 trigger, you will be amazed on the crisp trigger pull.  Same as the CL custom M24, trigger pull weight is tuned to half a pound.  So it is very light and finger-sensitive.

The M24 shown here is tuned to 550fps using our new M24002 gas cylinder upgrade set.  With such an upgrade set installed, bolt cocking only serves as BB loading.  Therefore cocking is very light compared with original spring loading M24.  The stock has special checkering same as CL Custom M24.  With the rifle holders and Leupold Scope, we think it is one of the best looking rifle in the market.

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