KSC STI Edge 5.1
Inherit the tradition of KSC, STI Edge 5.1 is a very beautiful airsoft gun

This year has been a busy year for sport shooter.  As WA released its Hi-capacity .45 in mid-year, many shooters were deciding whether they would change to double column or not.  After months of actual "field-test", Hi-capacity from WA is proved to be a powerful and reliable gun.  Variances of Hi-cap like CQB, tactical and pro-killer are released soon after the major model.  However, KSC Edge does draw lots of attention from shooters as it has a long dust cover and a frame using REAL STI mould. But many shooters concerns about the mechanism of KSC Edge, so how well does Edge perform?

Markings of Edge, note the trigger is not very well made

As soon as DEN Trinity get the gun, we tested it with its realism, reliability and accuracy.

In terms of realism, I think no one can have a doubt about it.  This is a very beautiful airsoft gun.  Since KSC got the licence and mould of the grip from STI, the realism of Edge is very high.  The finish of the grip, frame and slide are of high quality.  And every markings of the original gun is faithfully carried over.  Even the markings of the magazine is available, though it is painted rather than engraved.  ASGK mark is a little extra for airsoft gun.  If you have to be picky, I can say the trigger, hammer and barrel are not very well made.

Reliability?  Here comes the major weaknesses.  After around 100 rounds of firing using Green Gas (a gas from Taiwan which has higher power than 134a but still within legal limit) with shock buff attached, valve plate on the magazine is deformed slightly by repeated hammer strikes.  This leads to reduction of gas flow.  Return spring for the cylinder (mounted in the slide) jumps away as well.  Although WA has similar problem, but I think the spring from WA can last longer than KSC.  With the spring missing, the Edge still can be fired without problem but the reliability of this gun does concern me.

Accuracy is utmost important in sport shooting.  Edge can do 3~4 cm grouping from 5 meters and this is quite good for a standard size handgun.  Recoil is not as strong as WA Magna Blowback and my sample seldom jam while firing.  Trigger pull is quite heavy but responsive.  The use of safety switch is not a problem as it is a over-size one.  The magazine is of course very heavy and I don't think the magazine bumper can last very long if you drop it too often.

Can you tell it is a airsoft without seeing the trigger and ASGK mark? note the 2011 mark on the frame

My conclusion is simple. If you want a very beautiful gun that works okay, I can recommend this Edge to you.  But if you are a sport shooter and want your gun to stay tuff all the time,  you need to get some serious custom parts to improve the gun.  As I know, apart from this Edge 5.1, KSC has plans to release other variances of STI like Eagle 5.1, 5.5, 6.0, Hunter 6.0, Falcon 3.9, Hawk 4.3 and Night Hawk 4.3.  KSC surely has ambitious over its system, Edge will be the white mouse to test the market.

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