Model Gun Buffet
This is not in the US, this picture is taken in Hong Kong
Not a news actually, but it is something happy we would like to share.  On the 6th of March, Raymond Au, Jeff Leung (Top Gun Shooting Association member) and Nelson Chen hosted a "Model Gun Buffet" in Hong Kong.  It is no big show nor exhibition but the three guys are enjoying putting their collections together.  Result are the pictures here.  Totalling 79 pistols, revolvers, SMGs, carbines, rifles and shotguns are gathered together.


Unlike airsoft gun, model gun is getting less popular now

Like all model gun collectors, those guys are not having just one model gun, but a collection of them.  As you may know, Raymond collects Government Series.  Jeff collects full metal rifles and Nelson collects WWII weapons and revolvers.  Among the collections, there are also custom model gun like Raymond's custom Governments and Jeff's custom Marushin AR-15.  Most collection are produced by manufacturers like MGC, Marushin, Hudson, Western Arms, KSC, Kokusai, Shoei, CMC and Tanaka.  And some model guns are rare and collectors' items by now.  I hope next time we can have a larger buffet than this one.


Hope the total collection can grow in the next "Gun Buffet"
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