Last update 17th June 2000
Glock18C Machine Pistol

Airsofters may know that a while ago, DEN Trinity had compared the performance of KSC Glock 17 and Tanaka Glock 17.  After the release of Glock 17, KSC and Tanaka kept on competing in the Glocks market.  Both manufacturers released the Glock 34 at a similar time.  After that, Tanaka also released the Glock 17 2nd Frame and Heavy Weight versions of its Glocks.  On the other hand, KSC spent its time developing the full auto version of Glock 18.  Just Recently, KSC has finally succeeded!  The Glock 18C is finally released.

KSC Glock 18C shares many parts with its brother Glock 17.  In appearance, you can easily spot the differences between 17 and 18C.  Glock 18C has a hybrid slide cut as it is a C model.  The barrel is also ported.  Although these cuts are not useful in airsoft pistol, it makes the Glock 18C easily identifiable.  Glock 18C shares the same magazine as the 17.  So the magazine capacity is the same.  The round selector switch, located in the slide, is also a distinguishing feature of the Glock 18C.  You will not see an extended barrel in this model as that is for Glock 18 only (without C).

How does the gun perform?  In semi auto mode, it shoots no different from a Glock 17.  The slide cycles are slightly faster, because the hybrid cut makes the slide lighter.  In full auto mode, the gun really rocks.  The lightness of the slide has brought the rate of fire (ROF) to the highest.  The pistol is able to empty a fully loaded standard magazine in 2 seconds.  We had tested the prototype of Glock 18C during our trip to Japan.  At that time, the Glock 18c shoots slower when the magazine is near empty.  For the final production model, this problem is totally solved.  The ROF drops after the magazine is cleared.  We know this is a problem that is very difficult to solve, which the mechanics in KSC has done a good job.

As mentioned, you can use KSC Glock 17 accessories for 18C.  Additionally, KSC also made a brilliant magazine for this gun.  It is a 49 rounds long magazine.  The extra length magazine not only provides extra BB capacity, it also has a bigger gas tank that enables a more stable gas supply.

Well, first of all, the looks.  Although the Glock is a very popular gun, some people love it, and some people just simply hate it.  Of course this factor depends very much on you.  Performance-wise, the rigidity of the slide is a question for DEN.  The slide is cut on the top and it can easily be cracked after a period of use.  Of course the metal slide (soon to be released) will easily solve this problem.  The grouping (accuracy) of this Glock 18C is also poor.  The fast recoil and short barrel of this gun contributes to this problem.

This pistol, in our opinion, is an ideal sidearm for survival games.  Its full auto shooting ability (with high ROF) is able to supply enough firepower if your main weapon is out of ammo or jammed.  But, ammo control is very important if you are not using the extended magazine.  The Hybrid opening on the slide looks good but it makes the pistol less resistant to sand and dust.  Compared with full auto blowbacks like the Beretta M93R, M11 or Steyr TMP, the Glock 18C wins with its compact size.  If accuracy and slide rigidity is not a major concern, the Glock 18C will easily outrun its competitors.

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