In always takes ages for Tokyo Marui to produce another model of AEG.  Although TM has already announced the release of FN P90, we are still very unsure if TM is going to make the gun.  Remember a while ago, TM also announced the release of MP40 AEG.  For now, their plan may have changed due to the slow selling of M1A1 Thompson.

For those who have no patience, AEG conversion is the only way.  Good example is the FN FNC you see here.

Based on a Asahi Firearms FNC, this gas powered weapon is now converted to electric powered.  Airsofters with updated news will know UNCLE Shop in Japan has made a FNC AEG.  But this FNC is converted in Hong Kong rather than buying straight from Japan.   The original Asahi FNC is a very well made weapon.  Upper receiver is made by metal and the whole gun is very rigid.  For a rifle with this length, rigidity is very important.  And we do think Asahi Firearms has done a very good job on this.  The design skill is much better than Tokyo Marui.

With such a good gun base, conversion will depends very much on the space available inside the gun.  Lucky enough, the space and shape inside the FNC is suitable for AEG conversion.  We have placed a version two gearbox in the gun together with M16 grip base.  The grip of M16 and FNC is of different shape.  So we have to reshape the grip in this FNC.  Selector conversion is not too difficult.  The hop-up unit and barrel must be aligned with the loading nozzle.  Otherwise, it will result in poor power or accuracy.

This FNC AEG can take M16 magazine with slight modification in the magazine release.    But the top of magazine must match the Systema metal hop-up unit.  The cocking lever of Asahi Firearms FNC can be cocked.  Therefore we can adjust hop-up through the eject port.

How much is this gun?  Please expect around USD 1700.


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