American Gunkids "The Secret"
Please be calm, this gun is not custom made by us.  This gun is made by a Japanese Custom shop "American Gunkids".  Never heard of it?  Then you should print this name into your mind.  DEN Trinity has a chance to look at "The Secret" in flesh.  We definitely think it is an excellent custom airsoft rifle, both in terms of appearance and modification expertise.  If you think Killer Studio is the best, you should look at this rifle before your arrive in any new conclusion.
What's so special about it.  Okay, The Secret is based on a Marui M16A2 AEG.  Main attraction is the ability to swap between a long barrel and a short one within 3 seconds.  So you can convert a long sniper rifle to a short carbine within seconds.  With this kind of conversion, durability is always a concern.  AGK has managed to solve this by machining the connection in high precision.  The result is the ability to sustain 5,000 times of barrel swap without any lost on accuracy.   The thing that amazes us is the grouping this rifle can achieve.  Imagine a 9 inch grouping for a full size human target within 100 feet (tested by Arms Magazine).  Although the grouping test is carried out in a windless tunnel, it is still a a stunning performance.  Bear in mind that the inner barrel is a two piece design rather than a one piece barrel.  Accuracy is much more difficult to achieve from a two piece barrel.
Both long and short foregrips and barrels are fully made by metal.  The connectors are also CNC machined.  The gun is not front heavy though as the standard size battery in the stock balanced the gun pretty well.  Both foregrips are very well machined.  Checkering is sharp and the flashhider in the "Short type" is very well made.  The foregrip ventilation ports in the "Short type" is also cool looking.
The Secret is able to achieve 330fps with 0.2g BBs.  Of course the power can be further upgraded.  The use of a full size stock is good for modification as it can accommodate standard size battery.  Not only standard size battery has higher capacity, it provides sufficient power to drive the gearbox.  EG1000 motor in M16A2 is also battery hungry.  Therefore it is better to use a full size battery with EG1000.
Connection in the foregrip
Connection in the receiver
"The Secret" full set. Two barrels, one gun and a guncase too.
978mm / 760mm
2705g / 2525g
Magazine Capacity
Muzzle Velocity
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