Last updated: 18th October 2001

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Our Principle

DEN Trinity is formed by three airsoft enthusiasts.  We love airsoft and would like to promote such an interesting hobby to as many people as we can.  DEN Trinity shop is a bridge for other airsofters who do not have a chance to enjoy airsoft at a reasonable price.  We provide a wide variety of high quality Japanese Automatic Electric Guns (AEGs), Airsoft Guns and Air Guns for mail order.  Apart from out-of-the-box guns, we also offer excellent gun custom work to enhance power, accuracy and appearance. 

Why are we different from other shops?

"All airsoft shops are the same".  Such a phase does not apply to us as we are hobbylist from the start, not a strict business.  We know our products very well and our deep experience from airsoft helps us classify good products from poor ones.  We only place airsoft products which achieve high quality and durability in this shop,  as we do not want you to spend hundreds of dollars on an airsoft which only last for a month or two.  So you will find we do not carry some airsoft products for such reason. 

Apart from selection of airsoft, we also have a well know airsoft gunsmith-- Clarence Lai, in charge in the shop.  If you have seen his work in, you will know how serious he is on airsoft gunsmithing.  His knowledge on AEG custom work is as good as his work on airsoft pistol.  Appearance, power, accuracy and durability are beautifully balanced in any work of his.

Our Line of High Quality Airsoft Products

Western Arms



Tanaka Works


Tokyo Marui


Premium Quality AEG Upgrade Parts

The Best Body Gears

KM Products

Pursuit Design Inc.

K2 Products

Craft Apple Works

Pro Gamer System (AGK)


Latest Updates  Please check our new Spare Parts Section
  • Maruzen H&K MP5K Gas Blowback (In Development)
  • Tanaka Ruger Super Hawk 7.5 inch coming soon

  • Recent Release

  • KSC G19 Rail Frame (Japanese Version) in stock
  • WA 1911 IED & Prokiller 2000F (Handgun)
  • GB Tech M9 Silencer (New Release)
  • GB Tech M203 Metal Outer Barrel (New Release)
  • AS M11 & M9 Silencer (New Release)
  • DTP M79 Metal Outer Barrel (New Release)
  • KSC Steyr TMP now comes with Hardkick (Shotgun/SMG)
  • GB Tech Mk11 Conversion Kit with Silencer (New Release)
  • GB Tech M4A1 QD Silencer (New Release)
  • Shooters Design Aluminium Slide for SV (New Release)
  • GB Tech AAC Scorpion Silencer for Glock 26 (New Release)
  • Tanaka M629 Performance Center Comp Hunter (Handgun)
  • OK M93R Aluminium Piston Unit (New Release)
  • CL Custom M4A1 Patriot (Special Offer)
  • P90 Real Version (Special Offer)
  • Reinforced Part 10 for KSC Glocks (New Release)

  • Comming Soon.  Metal Upper Receiver for Marui P90.  A must for P90 owners!!

    Available Now! M4A1 QD Silencer with Flashider!!

    Available Now! Mk11 Conversion Kit with Silencer!!

    KSC G19 Rail Frame (Japanese Version) in stock!!

    AS Silencer for Marui M9 Series!!

    GB-Tech M9 Silencer with metal outer barrel!!

    AS Silencer for KSC M11A1!!

    Shooters Design Aluminum Slide for SV Standard Pistol!!

    GB-Tech ACC Scorpion Silencer for Glock 26!!

    DTP P90 Triple side mount Base available now!!

    AS P90 Silencer back in stock!!

    CL Custom M4A1 Patriot!!

    OK M93R Aluminium Piston Unit!!

    Reinforced Part 10 for KSC Glocks hits DEN Shop!!

    WA Muzzle Mount Block for Prokiller MkII 3.9SV!!

    CL Custom M4A1 Compact!!

    KTW RIS undermount Shotgun "Predator"!!

    WA Striker .45 Standard in stock!!

    Maruzen P99 Military, Limited Edition 240pcs produced, Serial Numbered

    Smokey AK47S Compact Full Metal!!

    Marui P90 available in DEN Trinity Shop!!

    KSC Original Silencer for M11A1!!

    Systema P90 Silencer!!

    DTP Stoner SR15 Metal Receiver available now!!

    Valve Key for WA Hi-caoacity Series!

    KSC HK Mk23 Socom Phase 2
    (Limited Edition)!!

    Price Reduction, KSC M11 now only USD 130!!

    The Airgun Catalog 2001-2002, features the newest airsoftguns and information!!

    PROTOTYPE--M4A1 Fix Stock with Shotgun

    For Socom Mk23 freak, Steel made Mk23 Phase II slide!!  Coming Soon!! (To be notified when this product is released, please include your full name and phone number in this EMAIL)

    Airgun Custom Parts Catalogue available now!!
    Don't miss this custom parts bible!!

    *Guaranteed delivery applies to most countries and most states in the US.  For countries or some US states where airsoft is prohibited, such Guaranteed delivery does not apply.  Shipment lost due to courier's fault is not our responsibility.

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