Customer's comment and Seizure problem

Customer's comment
We are customers oriented and we value our customers' comment importantly.   It is rewarding to received good comment as we know our effort is paid off.   Here are some of our customers' comments we would like to share with you:

I received the custom shorty Benelli today, and am very pleased with my package. Thank you again for speedy service and for answering my many questions. I ordered the KSC Elite from you before, and was equally pleased with the service as well. I will strongly recommend you to many of my freinds, and will continue to do business with you as well.
Thank you very much. Kenny

Ken treichler
Hawaii, The U.S.A.

I wanted to write to thank you for your prompt service. Your prices are great and the shipping is very fast. I will recomend you to all of my friends. Thanks DEN Trinity, I will defenitly order again.

Mike Whitcraft
St. Louis, Missouri, The U.S.A.

Hi, I just purchased and received an xm177e2 from you today. I just wanted to thank you, the gun is the best! It came quick too! Ill definitely be ordering a lot more guns from you and I'll make sure all my team mates buy their airsoft guns here too! Best of Luck,

Kristofer Albrecht
New York, The U.S.A.

I just wanted to send you a note that I recieved my package in only one day from when it was shipped and it was very well packaged. My fears of buying overseas came to nothing. Great job on the trademark work if you know what I mean. Excellent for the collector.

Eric Chin
California, The U.S.A.

I have recived the package this morning, wednesday 7 june.
Thank you very much for your help and the quick answers to all my
Again : THANK YOU ! I will recommend your online shop to all my friends.

Kevin a.k.a. "Krusty"

You have my permission to use any comments I have made about my great experiences with Den Trinity. I would also
like to say that I was a little uneasy about doing the wire transfer. Especially since I have always done credit card
transactions with Den in the past. But it was very easy to do. And I will not hesitate to order products from Den again
using wire transfer transactions. My opinion is that, Den Trinity is the best for any Airsoft needs. I have already
received my package. It showed up on 6-12-00, at 10:30 a.m. pacific time. I would like to say everything was in the
package, and in perfect condition. This is the third time I have ordered products from Den Trinity, and it will not be
the last. You guys are top notch in my book.

Anthony Hills aka Bones
Team P.S.A.C.
Washington, The U.S.A.

Thank you sir for such prompt service. My PSG-1 arrived about an hour ago, and it was well worth the money. I will definately be ordering further guns from you all. Again, thank you for such prompt delivery and excellent service. It surprised me that it took so little time, because it took my friends M4A1 five days to get here due to customs and it only took mine two. Thank you again.

Glenn Dumproff
Florida, The U.S.A.

I would like to thank you for the speedy and safe delivery of my order (It came on June 4, 2000). To be quite honest,
this was my first On-Line purchase! I am glad to know that shopping through  honest and helpful people like you
really works out for the best. I appreciate everything that you have done for me. Thank you for the great experience
and I look forward to doing business with Den Trinity again soon ! You guys are the best !!!

Mike Alcanices
California, The U.S.A.

I finally received my mp-5 and it looks great! It actually came in Friday morning, but because I left town that day I
wasn't able to pick it up till Monday. But above all, your service, shipping, and pricing is by all means the best.
Because of that, I definetly would/will  recommend my buddies to Den Trinity. I also look forward in making other future purchases such as accessories or maybe a pistol. Thanx Nelson!

John Gupit
Washington, The U.S.A.

"Thanks so much for the quick shipment.  I got it in time for a big airsoft game.  I would be happy enough if it came on friday the 19th, but it came on thursday the 18th.  I was glad because the game was onthe 20th and i didnt know if the package would arrive on time since it was shipped on the 17th.  but i guess the time difference between our countries cut off a bit of  the delivery.  thanks guys, the items i purchased were well worth it."

Eugene Chang
California, The U.S.A.

"I recently ordered the NEW TM M92F GBB from Den Trinity and was worried about  it getting seized by US Customs. Nelson helped me the best way he could and followed all regulation and made sure I get my package. I just want to let everyone know that Nelson is "THE MAN". Thanks!!"

Jonathan Chen
New York, The U.S.A.

"I am pleased to say I have received the shipment. It arrived on November 27, 1999. I am very pleased with your speedpost service. I was surprised that it took only 2 days to send the package from Hong Kong to Hawaii. All the products ordered work great. My friends and I will look to DEN Trinity for all our future orders."

Greg O'Malley
Hawaii, The U.S.A.

"I have received my package order this past Friday 11-19-99 and just wanted to thank all of you at DEN Trinity for an EXCELLENT JOB !!!  YOU are one of the best companies I had done business with and I want to commend you all on your great services...A++.  I would highly recommend DEN Trinity to all people interest in buying an airsoft gun for the first time ... great prices & Speedy delivery, worry free... DEN Trinity has made my 1st buying experience overseas a very pleasant and reliable one... The company you can trust... Great work Guys...!!!!!"

Noli B. Fernandez
California, The USA

"The Spas12's arrived at my home at 1100hrs UK time today. Can't wait to try them out! The advice and service that you provide is excellent and I will be recommending you to everyone that I know in Airsoft/CQB games here in the UK."

Alan Barradell
Derby, England

"I just got my m4a1 today and everything looks great.  At first I was worried about buying the gun overseas but everything turned out good.  You are the best airsoft company out.  Your service is excellent and i got the gun within 3 days and i thought it would take at least a week.  You will be getting more bussiness from me in the future.  My team is always going to buy all their airsoft needs from you guys and i will always recommend you to other people."

Albert Choi
California, The U.S.A.

"I received the gun today (Monday) looks nice, havent had time to try it out though...Will perform hevy testing this weekend.

Thank´s for the quick handling you will be my primary source for guns from now on, your service is excellent (far faster then som other red animal airsofters in HK) I will gladly recommend you to other players."

Eliasson Kay

"I have to admit that I was worried for a brief moment but my order arrived today and I am very happy with the service.  All the guns look good and everything was there.

I didn't realized that when you send something using Speed Post in Hong Kong it ships Priority US Mail once it gets past customs in the United States.  I was very happy to discover that.

All the items are in great condition and it took less then a week to make it all the way from Hong Kong to my home in Kansas City.  I definately will be ordering from you again now that I have seen how easy it really is."

Kelly J. Abfalder
Webmaster of
Kansas City, The USA

"I was very pleased with the speediness of your service, used to paying for two day delivery in the US and waiting weeks for my package to arrive.  I was first a little worried about ordering from overseas, but the service and the prices makes your service hard to beat."

Will Eberle
Alpha Dogs Team
Illinois, The USA

"My M4A1 arrived today and what can I say?, im impressed! Not only are there bundles of features to play with but the performance is astonishing. You have done an excellent and professional job on this gun and I am very pleased.......Once again I thank you for your excellent service and workmanship."

Joe Terrell
Cambridge, England

"...I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your prompt and courteous service. DEN Trinity is now at the top of my recommendations list! Keep up the good work!"

Michael Evans
Bistol, England

"We received the package today.  Everything was intact and FABULOUS.  Thank you for coming through so quickly for us. You definately will be getting more business from us in the future!!!! Thank you very much. "

Brian Penikas
Managing Project Director for Make-up & Monsters Studios
California, The USA

"I have just received my M4, and having used the M16A1 and coached marksmanship in the US Marine Corps I must say it is very authentic. I will contact you soon with further orders."

Robert Hay
Massachusetts, The USA

"I just got my pakage today.  Thank you very much Nelson. Nice doing business with you."

Joon Lee
California, The USA

Seizure Problem

Seizure is always a concern to airsofters as in some countries, definition of airsoft is not clear cut.  Airsoft itself looks too close to the real one and customs is usually more sensitive to airsoft products.  In some countries, modification (like muzzle painting and trademark removal) of airsoft is required before they can pass through customs.  Rumours always state seizure happens a lot.  Strangely, DEN Trinity Shop does NOT have a single customer losing their parcel so far, not from seizure nor lost during transit.  It is the result of our extra care and experience on handling customer's order.  We always try our best to minimize risk of seizure and to keep our record clean.

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