Our trip to Japan, January 2000

KSC Glock 18C
Release time May 2000

Another exciting gas blowback, the full auto Glock 18C from KSC.  We have handled the gun and it shoots pretty good.  KSC needs to lower the ROF as it is too fast at present.

It will be released by May 2000.  Price will be around the USD 180 mark.

Hybrid ports gives the gun a real cool look

Select switch is located at rear. 
KSC Glock 18C can shoot semi and full auto.


Silver version of STI Edge 5.1 and Eagle 6.0 from KSC, release date unknown

Look closer, the shotgun handled by Clarence Lai is Benelli M4 shotgun.  Conversion kit will be available soon.  We have handled the pototype of the finished product.  It features the folding stock and high rise sights too.

Western Arms M8045
Release time January 2000

The Western Arms Beretta M8045, it shoots very similar to M92FS Perfect.  Very good kick and the rotating chamber is fun.  Orignal Beretta markings are on this pistol.  We think it is a very good alternative to WA M92FS.