Colt Combat Commander .38 Super Model Gun
Colt Combat Commander model, an understated model

Combat Commander is an interesting model.  You do not see it often in movies.  You do not hear it often as every time you hear about a Colt, you will only hear a Government model.  Compared to the 5" barrel Government, 4.25" barrel Commander does has its own attraction.

Slips right between Government and Officer model.  Combat Commander is designed to serve its name "Combat".  It has a full size frame but a shorter slide and barrel compared to Government model.  Result is a easy to carry and draw gun with the capacity of normal Government model.  Although accuracy and muzzle velocity are compensated from the shorten barrel.  But when you come to real combat fight, we are talking about couple of meters striking distance.  So the compensated accuracy will not be significant at all.


Colt Series 80 marking truly copied

Model gun of this Combat Commander .38 super is from MGC.  It is a ceased production model and Raymond managed to get one of it.  Why not a .45 you may ask?  This .38 super is in fact higher in capacity.  9 plus 1 instead of 7 plus 1 in .45.  So you gain two more rounds and higher muzzle velocity as this is a .38 super (in real gun).  Although stopping power of .38 super is not as good as .45, you do gain two more rounds / chances per magazine.

Raymond did some modifications on this gun to make it more "Combat".  Hogue rubber grip, flat trigger, STI style hammer and a bigger thumb safety are dropped into this Series 80 Commander.  Rubber grip provide a more comfort hand grip.  Flat trigger is to provide a more sensitive trigger pull.  Compared to new moon trigger, flat trigger give you only one sensitive point to your trigger finger.  Therefore you will be able to feel the release point better.  STI style hammer is a cosmetic and big thumb safety of course aids thumb rest.

A true "Combat" Commander is the result.  Although many people are using Glocks as carry gun nowadays, Commander is a good choice too.  Commander has external hammer, thumb safety and most importantly, the personality you can apply to the gun.  That is why so many people die hard for Colt Government, Commander and Officer.


Full size grip is an advantage from Combat Commander


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