Raymond's Open Class Race Gun 1.10 (CL Custom)
Another update for Raymond's Open Class Racegun
Ed Brown beavertail tail matches with newly installed safety
Magazine well from Smoking Hole Design is really cool
After Raymond's gun started to run in, he is putting some additions to it for better performance.  Internally, the mechanism is now smoother and the ultra light trigger is extremely double-tap friendly.  Combined with the fast-returning slide and C-more sight, speed shooting is no difficult job.  To enhance performance, a Ed Brown Safety is installed to provide a firm hold.  The strip of sand-paper on the C-more's mount also aids thumb rest.  Most appearing is the magazine well from Smoking Hole Design.  As you may have seen it before, this magazine well do provide easier loading of magazine.  It has the biggest "sliding area" and the weight of this magwell gives a better balance to the race gun.

So what's next, Raymond is still thinking on his next move.

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