Raymond's Open Class Race Gun 1.00 (CL Custom)
"Practical" is the main principal when it comes to customizing your own race gun
For IPSC shooters, you may experience of getting bored on open class and switch to limited class.  Raymond is a good example but he re-ignited his interest on open class recently and re-assembled his brand new open class race gun with assistance from Clarence.

Making this race gun is no easy job as this time, only Magna Blowback system from Western Arms is carried over.  The grip is real STI polymer rather than Western Arms' ABS plastic one.  Some adjustment is required on the STI magazine release in order to fit the WA Hi-capacity magazine.

Making a race gun for yourself is no different from tuning your race car.  You sure need to understand your shooting style and needs in order to make a excellent man/gun combo.  Like Raymond himself, he prefers long ultra light trigger and minimum gun weight, so Clarence dropped in a STI trigger with super light pull and a C-More sight for lower mass.  Better accuracy and consistency is a must for race gun and therefore Clarence is installing a 130mm long 6.03 diameter inner barrel, aluminium frame/slide is good for consistency as they are stronger and wear slower than ABS plastics.  If you use ABS plastic slide for race gun, everytime the slide worn out and broken, shooter needs to accustom to the gun after a new slide is replaced.  Thus consistency cannot be achieved.  That's why every time when Clarence make a custom gun, aluminium frame/slide are used.  Not to mention the better look and metal slide cocking sound provided by aliminium.


Hexagon compensator and slide

Compensator is a CL Custom model.  Slide is Japan made and it is cut in Hexagon Style. Combined with the compensator, whole pistol looks long and slim.  Extended slide stop is from Wilson Combat and steel beavertail is from STI.  They all enhance appearance of the gun.  Internally, typical trigger and accuracy jobs are done.  High flow Magna Blowback is used to provide better power.  So accuracy can be maintained in long range shooting.

STI style checkering on slide matched with the C-More sight
(it may take some time to load)
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