My history with guns
My history with guns started after I met our member Clarence a few years ago.  Before that, I don't know much about guns.  I still remembered my first air-soft gun is a WA Beretta M92F.  The Magna Blow back system in 92F do amaze me by that time, wondering why the air-soft gun can act so much like real gun.
Clarence then told me there is a sport named IPSC, which is a real gun sport competition gaining popularity gradually.  By the time, Clarence was involved in IPSC shooting.  Instead of using real gun, he uses air-soft gun to do the same sport, which is the BBIPSC.  Same as real gun IPSC, Hong Kong BBIPSC is dominated by Government model.  Therefore I started to shake my hands with Government model.  Luckily, WA manufactures Government model using Magna Blow back, my confidence on WA Government model is secured.  Furthermore, the variation on Government model do amaze me very much, a small change on some parts in a Government can definitely give you a different feelings.  The wide availability on custom parts can personalize a Government model.  This is what makes me fall in love with Government.

To me, Clarence explores myself to a new world of "guns and IPSC".  Since Clarence is a member of Top Gun Shooting Association, his relations with TOP GUN let me attempt what Hong Kong BBIPSC (IPSC using BB bullet) feels like.  After trained by TOP GUN, my view on guns has changed.  Shooting is nothing like running around the hill and shooting people without intention, and nothing like sniping people on the streets, shooting can be very safe and civilized.  IPSC is a shooting competition which focus very much on safety aspect.  It can challenge yourself with better speed and accuracy in shooting without compromising safety, and BBIPSC loses none of these purposes.  And a bonus with IPSC is to know some gun lovers with identical interest with me.

Model Guns
One of those gun lovers, whom is a member I knew in TOP GUN , is Nelson.  He is a model gun collector.  At first, I just wonder why he is so enthused on model gun, which is gun that cannot shoot.  Influence by IPSC, my interest on internal mechanics grows and want to know more about it.  Nelson told me model gun is a way to go as I am also not wealthy enough to join real gun clubs in Hong Kong for the price of a IWC watch.  One advantage from model gun is that there are quite a variations of model gun Government and it can never be fully collected.  This makes me anxious to collect some precious models of Government.  Here are some of my collection.

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