What is model gun?
Firing of KSC Beretta M93R 1st version model gun (high speed film and multi-exposure used)

Make it simpler, model gun is usually known as Cap Gun, it is a replica of real gun and its internal mechanics is nearly identical to real gun.  Most model gun made from ABS plastic and a few made from metal (alloy and zinc).  Model gun stimulates the sound and actions of real gun.  Instead of using gas or battery, model gun use 1g of fire powder to be the energy source, know as “Cap” (that’s why it gets the name “Cap Gun”).  With the use of fire powder, the sound and actions given by model gun is a lot powerful and realistic.  Seems very exciting, but model gun shoot NO bullet, the mechanic of model gun only simulates actions of real gun.

The Trend

Cap Gun (formally known as “Model Gun”) is getting less and less popular in Hong Kong nowadays.  The same trend happened in Japan soon after the development of “Gas Blow-back” system in BB Gun (formally known as Air-Soft Gun).  Now Air-Soft Gun can also simulate the blow-back and recoil of real gun, which is previously available only on Model gun.  The fragile and difficult to maintenance nature of Model Gun put off people’s interest.  Not many people will regard the cleaning of gun and cartridges interesting after each time the model gun is fired.  Moreover, the trend of model gun continues.  Although reducing and turned into a minority, there are still fans on model gun.  There are a group of people who are interested in mechanics of real gun but can't afford real gun or prohibited from owning real gun.  There are also a group of people who are interested on Japanese development of model gun, and focus on collecting dis-continued model guns.  Whatever ways, these people are all gun lovers.  In my point of view, if you are tired of shooting air-soft gun and still interested in gun's mechanics, model gun is a way to go.


 What makes model gun interesting?

I still remember my friend said “model gun players will always have their own collection of model gun”.  I think this is definitely true as my experience tells me that.  In Hong Kong, owning firearms is illegal for civilians, joining shooting club will cost you at least a Rolex Daytona.  Watch-lover like me will never trade a Daytona for a club members-ship.  So I go for model gun as it is cheaper, legal to hold, and still maintain the fun of a real gun.  People always ask me, why buy a gun which cannot shoot.  If you appreciate the mechanics of real gun, whether model gun can shoot or not doesn’t matter.  I would rather leave the “shooting job” to Air-soft gun.

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