Sig SauerP-226
Tanaka SIG P226 HW

P226 is successor of P220.  Apart from double column magazine, P226 ‘s basic mechanism remains similar to P220.  The grip angle of P226 steeper than P220, nearly 90 degree perpendicular to the slide.  This design is similar to Beretta Cougar 8000, makes griping more natural and aiming easier.  Double column magazine is a must for modern pistol as it can now holds 15 rounds of 9mm instead of 9.  Visually, their are some differences between P226 and P220.  Magazine release button is now moved near to the thumb, but de-cock and  double action trigger is carried over and P226 still shoot 9 X 19mm ammo (.357 SIG is a late additions).  However, P226 is also available in single column, named P225.  Other variances of P226 includes P228 (compact version with 9X19mm) and P229 (compact version with 9X19mm, S&W.40 and .357SIG).


Slide opened

Model gun of P226 is manufactured by Tanaka only, and it is still in production today.  Following the quality of Tanaka model gun, P226 is very well made.  Scale and internal mechanism is faithfully carried over.  Interesting is that the frame of P226 is shared with air-soft gun version of Tanaka P226, which is a first from my knowledge.  Many part other than frame is shared items too, like the slide lock, slide stop and de-cock.  Using the same cartridge as Glock series, cartridges of P226 share the same characteristics as Glocks’s --loud, light and powerful.  Although two modern SIGs are manufactured by two different model gun maker, the high quality remains the same.  Making the collection of SIGs a pleasure.  Who will manufacture SIG Pro?  I am waiting for it.


Tanaka SIG P226 HW marking
SIG Tanaka
P226 P-226 HW
Caliber 9mm X 19 9mm X 19
Length 196mm 196mm
Barrel length 4.4 in 4.4 in
Weight 751g 600g
Capacity 15+1 rounds 15+1 rounds
Price US$825 19800yen
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