Glock 17
Tanaka Glock 17
A famous gun indeed. Developed in 1980, Glock 17 is now a very well known gun along side with Colt Government And Beretta M92.  Designed by Glaston Glock, model 17 is 9mm X 19 in calibre with the magazine capacity of 16+1 rounds.  Glock is well known for its polymer frame and steel slide configuration.  With such config, Glock 17 is able to achieve 625g in mass.  That is nearly half the weight of Colt Government but with more than twice magazine capacity.  Please bear in mind that Government is developed in 1911 and its calibre is .45 ACP.  But the light weight of Glock make it a ideal gun for carry, even fully loaded.  Glock 17 is the standard size among all Glocks, sharing the same mechanism, Glock 17 features hammerless design with single action trigger.  Hammerless design provide a slick body to Glock 17 and it does aid draw from concealment.  But the single action is not as favourable in modern pistol design.

Starting from model 17, Glock is now having models up to 35.  And they are in different sizes and calibres.  I think Glock is one of the pistols which have the most calibre and size variations.  It is more like an accessory to a man, like a mobile phone.


Glock 17's firing pin
Tanaka is the only manufacturer who make Glock model guns.  They make Glock 17 and 18 and both models share the same frame.  Like the Glock 18 I previously have, 17 is also too light but the finish is excellent on this pistol.  Many parts are shared with 18 and therefore only the barrel and auto-firing capability differentiate the two.  Tanaka claims this Glock 17 will ceased production soon as they will make the rail frame Glock 17 model gun.  Due to Tanaka's practise, I think this Glock 17 will be very much similar in appearance to the airsoft version of Tanaka Magna Blowback Glock.

Firing this 17, cartridge is still a big problem with Tanaka. Sometime the cartridge does not fire and sometime the cartridge won't make a sound when firing.  Such inconsistences reduce fun in firing the gun.  Apply plenty of Silicon oil will smoothen the problem but cannot rectify it.  I have heard Mulberry Field from Japan had produced a CP-HW base cartridge for Tanaka Glock and I am looking forward to test it in my 17.


Small family photo, L to R, MGC airsott Glock 19, Tanaka modelgun Glock 18 and 17
Glock 17
Glock Tanaka
Model 17 Model 17
Calibre 9 X 19mm 9 X 19mm
Length 202mm 196mm
Barrel length 4.5 in 4.4 in
Weight 625g 450g
Capacity 17 rounds 15 rounds
Price US$640 17800yen
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