Smith & Wesson M36 /M60

This 5 rounds revolver shoots 38 special and can be perfectly concealed due to its compact size.  This is another beautiful gun in my eyes although it is not very pleasant to shoot.  For people who think safe and sure 5 rounds are necessary, M36 is the choice.  In fact, many officers in the US carry this gun as a support.  The proven mechanic of S&W Double Action revolver adds credibility to M36.  On the down side, characterized in compact arms, recoil is excessive and accuracy is not good as it has a 2 inches barrel only.

Built by revolver specialist, Kokusai, the model gun version of M36 is always the best seller.  In fact, other makers like MGC and CMC had built the metal version of M36 before, but there are not as well made as Kokusaiís plastic version.  The Kokusaiís M36 has many versions, from pure ABS to blue finished, until the recent HW version, each version is using the same mold.  Early version of M36 has stainless, engraved cartridge but it was then deleted in the HW version.  The metal powder / ABS ratio of the HW version is very high, making my plastic M36 even rusted.  From the Photo, can you tell it is a model gun?

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