CL Custom PPC Revolver
Guess which airsoft revolver this custom PPC is based on.
Marui M19 24 shot gas revolver??  No kidding, with the help of Garage Gun Works conversion kit, Clarence is able to make this brilliant looking PPC revolver.  Of course Clarence will not stop at cosmetic upgrade only.  Power of this revolver is also upgraded.  How about 300fps from a gas revolver!  Yes, this revolver is much more powerful than most automatic handguns.  Such a power upgrade requires modification of cartridge and gas flow unit.  Original 24 shot mechanism is cancelled (who needs 24 shots from a revolver?).  So this powerful revolver is back to its real world six rounds capacity.
Heavy barrel provide a stable platform to the gun
The 6.5 inch heavy barrel is a full aluminium design.  This one piece barrel is extremely well machined.  It is blued and coated for best appearance.  Front sight and barrel to body connection are steel made to ensure the gun is well structured.  You cannot maintain good accuracy without a well structure gun.  With more than adequate power, this gun is deadly accurate.  You can shoot the same spot within 10 metres with this gun!!
View from rear, this PPC revolver looks very sporty with the rubber grip
Since GGW (Garage Gun Works) usually has production in limited numbers,  this PPC conversion kit makes no exception.  First lot will have a hundred sets only.  And each kit is serial numbered (we have number 58 of the lot). So it is a very precious conversion kit we can say.
Nice looking markings with serial number
Nowadays, not many people are revolver fans.  Revolvers are usually considered as old stuff and style less.  But it provides you safe and sure 6 rounds without any jamming.  That's why many conceal carriers will bring small revolvers for back up.
Face of the gun when you are the target
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