CL Custom FN P90 AEG

Many gun lovers may have heard about this brilliant SMG.  A real compact weapon that is designed for support personnel and special operators.  Real steel P90 has a compact size (only 19.7 inches long (50cm)) and weighs only 2.5 pounds unloaded.  Don’t think that baby lion doesn’t bite.  P90 fires a 5.7x28mm rifle cartridge that has an impressive range and enough power to penetrate vests and armors.  P90 also packs another innovative design.  Its unique magazine has the cartridge stored in a “funny” way.  The cartridge is stored perpendicular to the muzzle.  When the round is to be loaded, the magazine mechanism will turn the cartridge 90 degrees for loading.  So the weapon is extremely compact with the magazine stored just over the barrel.

Marui is going to make this gun available to the market.  Experienced airsofters will know Marui will always be late in gun release.  They originally planned to release the M1A1 Thompson soon after the movie “Saving Private Ryan”.  However it was nearly one and a half year late.  If you ask us when the TM P90 will be released, honestly we do not have any clue on that.

Our project is therefore started.  This is the third FN gun that we convert to Marui AEGs internals.  The CL Custom FN90 is based on an electric driven Toytec P90.  The Toytec P90 is a collector’s item before TM announced the release of P90.  When you have a chance to shoot a stock Toytec P90, you will appreciate how well TM makes their AEG.  Toytec P90 is powerless. Its ROF is slow and internals are not durable.  That’s why we decided to convert it into TM internals.

What’s the point if Marui is going to make one anyway?  We feel that Marui’s lateness in gun release is a big reason.  And you and I will never know if the gearbox they put in the P90 works.  It can be a big success like Version 2 box.  Or it can be a non-upgradeable UZI Version 5 box.  You will never know.  So we decided to put a version 3 box in our P90.

With the use of this box, we can now upgrade the gun to 380fps.  But in customizing the box, we have to turn the motor from 135 degrees to 270 degrees.  So the complete box is customized.  The gun is driven by an EG700 motor.

Original magazine is retained.  And a hi-capacity magazine is built inside the gun.  The original Toytec magazine is therefore used for BB storage only.  The High cap magazine winder is located in the “eject channel” of the gun.  When a magazine is inserted, just dial the winder below and you are ready to shoot.  The original Toytec magazine is capable of holding 500rds of BBs!!

The gun is also customized to take two sources of battery.  You can either use the original “sighting” 8.4v 600mAh battery if appearance is a concern.  Or you can use an external mount 9.6v standard battery if ROF is concerned.  The choice is opened.

After swapping to Marui gearbox and internals, the CL Custom FN P90 is more powerful and accurate.  Extra ROF can be gained if external mounted battery is used.  The 500rds high capacity magazine is a bonus.

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