CL Custom Infinity Hybrid Modified Class Race Gun
Another rare model from CL Custom Workshop

Hybrid barrels have gained popularity from past few years.  Shooting pistols with hybrid barrels, muzzle movement can be reduced since the gas expelled from the ports above stables muzzle movement.  Without vast muzzle rise, re-aiming is easier and continuous shooting can be faster.

That is a good side you can see, and yes, there are disadvantages using hybrid barrels.  First of all, the gas.  Gas exhausted from the ports are extremely hot gas.  So it will be no fun if such gas burn your body.  Therefore only eye level shooting is safe.  Secondly, the chamber pressure.  Compared to a normal barrel, chamber pressure is lower in hybrid barrel since the ports have "leaked" the gas to retain muzzle movement.  In order to maintain same muzzle velocity, ammo used in hybrid barrels will require a higher load to compensate.  Finally, the flash.  When shooting in the dark, gas from the ports will give the shooter a sudden blind as it is like a flash lighting between front and rear sight.  So it may cause disadvantage to the shooter.

With all the pros and cons, we think that pistols and revolvers with ports are not suitable for carry purpose.  If you have to use them, you should use the guns with extra pre-caution.  Or you could be badly burned by the gas.

Among all hybrid barrels, Schuemann makes the best one.  STI and SV also provide hybrid barrels for sports and carry purpose.


Hybrid barrel with 5 ports

You can see a hybrid real gun often but you will never see a hybrid airsoft gun before.  No Japanese manufacturers have made a hybrid barrel for an airsoft gun but Clarence managed to make one.  Combined with a cool looking Infinity aluminium slide, the result is CL Custom Infinity Hybrid Modified Class Race Gun.

Does the hybrid trick work in this airsoft gun you may ask.  I can tell you it is a "No".  Like compensator in airsoft, it only serves cosmetics purpose.  But airsoft gun with hybrid barrel is handsome and rare.  In field testing, we find this hybrid race gun very accurate and the cycle of slide is quick.  Extra weight on the barrel and weight reduced on slide have contributed to such result.

Like all CL Custom Race Gun, this gun is custom made to fit racing purpose.  In appearance, Caspian optical front sight is installed for better aiming.  Trigger guard is filed to allow a higher grip and thinning work is also done on grip.  Evolution Gun Work magazine well is installed to assist reload.  Internally, 6.03mm inner barrel, trigger and accuracy job are done to enhance performance.


Bull barrel with hybrid is something you seldom see in an airsoft


(it may take some time to load)
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