CL Custom HK51 Sniper Rifle
HK51 is a happy marriage of G3SG1 and MC51
We have wanted this for a long time.  A Sniper rifle which is light in weight and good in balance.  As most people may notice,  G3SG1 and PSG1 are good and accurate sniper rifles.  They are both well balanced rifles but weight is a concern.  They are also long enough to restrict your movements in the woods.  Therefore, we figure out this all rounder--HK51 Sniper rifle.  A weapon designed for long range combat and sniping purpose.
HK51 features a EG1000 motor and a standard (large) battery can be fitted into the fix stock allowing you to play all day without having to worry about having enough "juice".  Thanks to the 15 inches long barrel, accuracy of HK51 is rated as one of the best among AEGs.  RedEagle 4-12 X 40mm scope assists in target aiming.  Unlike SG1, HK51 is not front heavy at all;  only a long extended outer barrel with ports contributes to the weight at the front.  The weight balance is excellent so aiming is faster and easier.
Powerwise, CL Custom AEG001plus upgrade set is installed in this HK51 Sniper Rifle.  It is chronoed at 450fps with 0.2g Marui BB.  With the help of EG1000, ROF is still quite high eventhough a  stronger spring has been fitted.  The ability to take a large higher voltage battery also helps to produce the high power on this rifle. With this kind of power and accuracy, you cannot blame this weapon if you don't make enough kills!
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