Last update 18/1/99
CL Custom Hi-capacity Officer
Hi-capacity Officer, another hand shaking between WA and New MGC

Elder airsoft gun fans should know that Western Arms had made some products with assistance from MGC long time ago.  Before such join manufacturing projects, WA was just a small company which specialized in producing custom Government parts and customizing MGC Governments.  Nowadays, WA becomes a well known airsoft gun manufacturer and its Magna Blowback is acclaimed as best blowback system in the market.

New MGC had made a series of Colt Officer airsoft pistol.  Since it is using Magna Blowback technology from WA, swapping parts from MGC Officer and WA Government, Commander and Hi-capacity are possible with proper modification.  So Clarence has a though of making this Hi-capacity Officer.


New MGC Officer SN-7 slide is combined with Hi-capacity CQB frame

For this Officer Hi-Capacity, Clarence is combining an New MGC Officer SN-7 slide with a CQB Hi-capacity .45 frame.  Officer SN-7 slide has a 6 port barrel, metal heavy barrel and a hi-rise front and rear sight.  The slide has a combat feel with such features.  CQB frame is just like a normal Hi-capacity model except it is all black in colour, even the magazine.

"That's easy!" you may say, but actually it is not.  Some modifications are done on the frame in order to get the things work or you will end up with a Officer-Government alien.  Grip has to be cut for a certain length and a hole has to be re-drilled for the spring housing pin.  Not to mention the spring housing, it has to be shorten in order to cope with the shorten grip.  The spring housing is difficult to cut as the length left for the hammer spring  is not much.  Main spring cap is to be replaced as there is no room for such part.  The magazine needs some modification as well.  It is chopped in the middle and re-connected by pins and glue (to avoid gas leaking).  For some nice touch, the trigger guard is filed in the bottom to achieve a higher grip.  And the ulgy WA mark is replaced by a pro-looking SV mark.

The marking of Officer is nicely done by new MGC


(it may take some time to load)
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