Last update 23nd March 2000

DEN TRINITY is proud to present this masterpiece – CL Custom MP5A5 “END OF DAYS”. This weapon is used in the movie “END OF DAYS” staring by Arnold Schwarzenegger.  For airsofters who have seen this movie, you will recognize this weapon straight away. This weapon is based on a MP5A5 with an M203 Grenade Launcher attached to it. This MP5 is an extremely compact weapon with the benefit of firing 40mm cartridge.

This gun was started off as a project.  When Nelson and Clarence were working on the design, they spent a long time to study about the feasibility of making this gun.  It has to look extremely similar to the one that Arnold holds in the movie. Saying the words “simply stick the M203 to the MP5A5” is easy. But HOW? Clarence has to custom make several adapters in order to have the M203 fitted on the A5 cocking tube. Full metal body is installed to enhance the appearance of the finished product.  It reinforces the body structure as well. The most difficult part was to attach the M203 to the MP5 without giving the insecure feeling to the user. Lack of reference material also gave us a few headaches in completing this project. We can only find 2 to 3 pictures of the gun shown “out focused ”. So the remaining was made up from memories of the movie.

After two months of hard working, the result is satisfactory. We do not have a detailed picture of the real stage gun but we think it is 90% close to it. This “END OF DAYS” is further upgraded to 450fps with SYSTEMA parts. In addition, the Grenade Launcher can shoot ANGS grenade cartridge with solid feedback to the gun. The only drawback of this gun is that we cannot locate an internal space for battery storage. DEN Trinity hates battery bags (as it kills the realism of the airsoft). Therefore, we recommend the owner to have the battery stored in the M203 launcher. Of course, the choice is kept opened to the owner of this gun. Who is the owner? Unknown at present.


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