CL Custom Bianchi Cup Race Gun
Airsoft Bianchi Cup Race Gun, not a gun you can see often

In Hong Kong, many people may hear about Bianchi Cup competition, but not many people have competed in one.  Bianchi Cup is another form of competition using handgun.  Compared to IPSC, Bianchi Cup competition tends to award accuracy over speed and modification on equipment is less limited.  As a person in Hong Kong is very interested in owning an airsoft version of Bianchi Cup race gun, Clarence managed to make one for him.

As you can see, race gun in Bianchi Cup is somewhat more exaggerated than IPSC open class race gun.  It looks more like a space gun and a novice will certainly not believe it is based on a 1911 Government.  In fact it is based on a Western Arms single stack Government. Single Stacker is used as stages in Bianchi require less rounds and Hi-capacity frame will not provide an advantage.  Full metal slide and frame are used, and slide as well as compensator are in hexagon shape.  Frame is lighten by drilling holes in the grip.  The mount is from Gilmore and it covers the frontal portion of the slide, permitting shooter to steady the pistol on barricade by fingers.  Thus providing shots with high accuracy.  Front piece in the mount is to prevent the compensator's heat and smoke from hurting shooter's fingers.  And black side extensions are to assist in stabilizing pistol on barricades.


Gilmore Mount is a beauty by itself

Externally, Clarence has installed Wilson grip, slide stop and main spring housing integrated with magazine well to the pistol.  Trigger is from STI and hammer is STI in style.  Ed Brown beavertail gives the shooter a good and supportive grip.  Cocking handle is from Briley and it provide a large handle area.  Red-dot sight from Adco is used and it is extremely bright even in the lowest level.  You should find it problem free when shooting in daylight condition.

Internal job is done to enhance the pistol's performance.  Ultra light trigger job is requested by owner.  It is the lightest I have even tried and the short travel really let you decide when to let the hammer down.  6.03 diameter barrel is used and its length is just a normal 5 inch as the owner does not want to spoil the look of this gun.  Stability job is done, combining with the balancing weight of Gilmore mount, it is not difficult to shoot the same spot twice within 5 meters.


Hexagon style of compensator and slide


(it may take some time to load)
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