CL Custom AR-15 Competition Rifle
This full metal AR-15 Competition Rifle AEG brings accuracy to highest level
Sorry for the missing updates, guys.  DEN Trinity has came through a major upgrade with all new domain and web address.  Same as before, we will bring you stunning custom airsoft gun and hottest news.  This week, a small update with CL custom AR-15 competition rifle.
You may notice Clarence seldom does AEG custom work.  In fact, he is also very capable of AEG modification.  If the work is not up to his quality standard (in terms of appearance and mechanism), he simply will not show them.  So this is the very first AEG he would like to put it in DEN Trinity, more to come in future updates.
This AR-15 competition rifle is based on a Marui M16A1.  And he put every modifications into it to make a great rifle in terms of power, accuracy, realism and appearance.  Power wise, an AEG 001plus upgrade with a 260% spring.  That means 400fps+ power from the rifle, without durability compensated.  Power is nothing without control, so a 6.04mm upgrade barrel is installed.  Such a barrel is 550mm in length, only 100mm short from PSG1, does improve accuracy.  In order to view clearly what you are aiming at, a 3-9 X 40mm zoom optical scope will be a good accessory to add.  A EG700 motor is also hidden in the grip to cope with extra power and to maintain Rate Of Firing (ROF).  In terms of appearance and realism, a full metal body is fitted together with a fully customized metal foregrip, outer barrel and tank-style muzzle.  So you will find this AR-15 rifle unique as it is not a mix and match game, but a fully custom rifle from sketch.  Original grip is replaced by Right 16A2 grip and the top handle is cut for a PDI scope rail installation.  Since it is a competition rifle, a bipod will be a nice touch.

The metal body's surface is sand blasted finished.  Drum mag is only a cosmetic add-on, when you are in competition, a 10 rounds magazine should be quite enough.

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