C.L. Custom Monster Revolver


This air-soft gun is based on Kokusai full metal S&W .357 Magnum model gun.  Seems confusing, but yes, this revolver is an air-soft gun modified from a model gun!!
Concept of this revolver is from JP enterprise.  The barrel of the M19 from Kokusai is first being chopped off, special machinery is used to drill through the body and cylinder block.  The front barrel is a full piece of metal designed from raw.  The result is a 7 inches barrel with 2 port compensator on side and 6 port hybrid on top.

The grip is something precious.  It is brought from "American Gun Kit" in Japan and it is made in the US.  This grip provides a stable, firm hold to the revolver and the bottom part gives a better balance to the whole revolver.  The hammer is filed to give a faster travel and it is made Double-action only.  The trigger is modified to become a fixed travel and the trigger pull is around 3 lbs.  The cartridges are gas-charged internally. As the concept of this revolver is brand new and technically difficult.  It has taken Clarence nearly one year to build this revolver.  Result? extra-ordinary!!


Many thanks to the owner / co-planner of this revolver "Jeffy"

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