CL Custom Remington M1100
Clarence and his CL Custom Remington M1100

In Hong Kong, survival game is the most popular guns game, IPSC competition dominates the sport shooting side.  Some IPSC shooters demand more diversifying sport.  Recently on trial is the IDPA, already running in small scale is 3 guns competition.  As 3 guns competition involves the use of handgun, rifle and shot gun, shooters must be very familiarized all these firearms.  It is a great competition to test the skill of shooters in all areas.  Before the Maruzen M1100 hit the market, Marushin Mossberg M500 was the only shot gun to choose from.  Everyone knows M500 lacks the realism cause it has no shells and blowback.  Therefore the arrival of M1100 is welcomed as it overcomes the “realism” problem.  Although the mechanism of M1100 is not as good as its great concept, the M1100 is still a good choice for 3 guns competition, especially the shorty version released recently.


Side view, note the speed loader mounted at bottom

After many issues of race gun, Clarence would like to show you this race shot gun.  This M1100 is modified for sport shooting purpose like 3 guns competition.  The body and barrel is changed to aluminum and better rigidity is achieved.  Magazine is extended from its original 7+1 rounds to 8+1 rounds.  It lets shooter feels more secure for 8 rounds course.  Speed loader is mounted on the bottom for quicker reloads (we will mention the use of speed loader later on).  Special colour job is done on front grip and stock.  Adco zero magnification red-dot sight is mounted as well.
Internal modification is limited to power only.  To power charged three shots of BB over 5 meters, ordinary 134a gas is not powerful enough.  This M1100 is further modified to handle high pressure green gas from Taiwan.  This gun now reaches 1.8j muzzle velocity accompanied with the extended barrel.
We hope this Maruzen M1100 is not an end to this type of auto load shot gun.  Trigger feel can be further improved and blowback system can also be strengthen for to give better feeling and durability.  Will Maruzen gives us another auto load?  We certainly hope so. (Benelli M3 we wishes)

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