CL Custom MGC Glock 17
Popularity of Glock 17 matches Colt Government
Sorry for the missing update as we are waiting for this Glock, a MGC Glock fully customized by Clarence Lai.  I am stunned when I first see this Glock.  Usually I always think that not much modifications can be done on a Glock.  Glock is always black and simple in my mind.  After I see this CL Custom Glock, I think I have to update my mind.

Based on two MGC Glock, a Glock 17 and a Glock .40S&W (limited model), this two in one Glock 17 has every practical features you can get.  As you can see, a laser pointer from "Laser Devices" with remote switch is installed.  The remote switch is quite different as it is not a stick on type but a integrated type in the rubber wrap around grip.  You can operate the laser pointer easily with you right hand attitude finger.  Laser is very bright and close range aiming is damn fast and easy.  Other than the laser, another eye catching feature will be the magazine well and magazine base pad from "Lightning Strike Product International".  Not only it provides easier reloading, the magazine well does provide better grip if you have big hands.  Other small but useful features like metal flat trigger, extended stainless magazine release and extended slide stop are also installed to make the Glock easier to operate.


Crowd switches, flat trigger, mag release, laser pointer switch, extended slide stop and mag release
That's all on the frame but the slide is no ordinary slide too.  It is metal made and has been polished by hand to regain the silver colour.  When you pull the slide, most obvious thing will be the rare full metal hybrid barrel.  This metal barrel is fully custom made and it has four ports in a in-line configuration.  Although in airsoft, this barrel is a cosmetic rather than functional upgrade, present of this barrel make this airsoft Glock looks innovative and real.  Hybrid barrel gives the gun a more "combat" appearance too.  At the rear of the slide, Carom high rise rear sight is installed for same purpose too.

This Glock is not just good looking but internal mechanism is improved.  MGC Glock's blowback system is quite old (invented in 1992) and outdated compared to modern system like Magna blowback.  But Clarence has managed to improved the MGC's system in this Glock by upgrading the guide rod and recoil spring.  Trigger is also tuned to 2 lb 14oz for lighter trigger pull.  Compared this tuned trigger with original one, this trigger travels shorter and lighter and double tapping is no difficult work.  Other internal mechanisms are tuned up to give a better overall slide cycles.


Full custom made metal hybrid barrel, with front sight attached
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