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Browning Hi-power .40S&W

DEN is formed by three gun enthusiasts who love guns very much.  They each have an area of specialty and they would like to share their experiences with all gun lovers.  DEN strictly opposes the illegal use of firearms, either real or non-real guns.  Illegal modification of air-soft gun and violence act using gun are not promoted.  Educated people will always use gun in a proper manner.  Guns don't kill people, people kill people.

Raymond Au is a Colt Government lover.  Government model is very special in itself.  Original model came out in 1911 (when Wright Brothers learn to fly), lasted until now, the Government model did not depreciate in popularity.  In reverse, the modification is more diversified.  It is also THE pistol which can be personalized in every aspect.  If you like carry gun style, change the sight, stick in a rubber grip, it is all that simple.  For nearly a century, can you tell how many modified Government model you saw?

Clarence Lai is a professional airsoft and model gun smith.  Although many people think airsoft and model gun are just toy, in fact air-soft gun can be quite complicated when custom job has to be done.  Sometimes it can be harder than real gun given the limited resources we have and complexity of airsoft gun.  A full custom Race Gun  may cost you up to HK$20,000 to customize, of course the customed gun will surely amaze you when it comes to perform.

Nelson Chen is a Model Gun collector.  Model Gun is replica of real gun.  It copies the mechanism of real gun, it acts like real gun but it cannot shoot bullet.  Seems very self-contradictory that the major function of gun is not available.  But model gun is focusing on the "inside" of real gun - mechanism.  Have you ever wonder why guns can be made in so many styles, so many different materials,  available in so many sizes, with so many different functions and variances in accuracy?  Why revolvers? Why pistols? Why machine guns?  Model gun is a good starting point to learns all these.

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DEN Trinity are members of Hong Kong Top Gun Association.


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