New shooting range for
Top Gun Shooting Association (TGSA)
Our Committee member, Ray, made his speech on our first opening ceremony

Grand opening of Top Gun Shooting Association (TGSA) shooting range was held on 25/11/1998.  On that day, around 20 members came along to celebrate the re-opening of range.  The new range is located in Sun Po Kong and it has an area of 6,000 square feet.  This is the biggest range we have and three big stages can be set at the same time.  Safe area, storage and control room is also available, not to mention essentials like toilet and working benches.  Since the new range has been rented, two weeks of renewing, cleaning and reorganizing of range was carried out to make the place works safely and properly.  Adequate lighting is placed and ventilation system is restored.  A true comfortable and complete range for shooting sports.


Our Association leader "Leung Sir", made his first shot to celebrate for the new range

On that day, after our Association leader "Leung Sir" made his shot for the range.  Member started to practise with their race gun.  Some members have stopped practising for a while and it was a great opportunity to re-ignite their skills.  Simple drills are set and all members are doing fine.
Practice makes perfect
Our members warm-up by shooting simple drills

First stage is set by our member "Cowboy".  It is a fast stage with 4 paper targets and a no-shoot target placed among them.  Most members finished the course in 3~4 seconds.  In a fast stage like this, any distraction will surely make you a loser.  High concentration is needed and shooter has to learn to trust their gun.  At least you don't have time to check through each target before you move on to next one.

Tutor-in-charge, Clarence Lai, explains the best way to do weak-hand shooting
2nd stage is set by Simon and it is a big stage.  9 paper targets, 2 pepper poppers and a stop plate are set with barricades like doors and windows.  It is not an easy stage as there are some traps on the stage which can easily make shooters dis-qualified or missing the target.  Muzzle movement is to be very careful when going through windows and doors, and pepper poppers on the ground can be easily missed during rush.  Extra care was taken and members were having fun on the stage.

Ending speech for the day was hosted by Leung Sir, Ray and Jeff.  They pointed out the objective of the Association as well as some rules and regulations on the range.  All members loves this new range as it is big, safe and stable.  BBIPSC will just be a start for TGSA and many other shooting sports will follow later on.  Whatever sport TGSA will run, safety will always be the priority as it is too important in firearm handling.  With such perception, TGSA can assure every member can gain fun from shooting sport.

If you are interested in joining us for BBIPSC, please contact us on 2326 0234 between 7:30pm to 10:30pm Tuesday and Friday.


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