New MGC Ultra Compact V10 HW (Raymond Version)

Springfield had modified the Colt Officer model to this handsome looking V10.  V10 got its name from the 10 port hybrid located in two rows of five port each, just like the cylinders of an V10 engine.
Model gun of the V10 is nicely built by New MGC.  Raymond had made this already handsome looking V10 more shinny.  The slide is further sanded and Black Steel colour by Carom is applied.  This gives the slide a more realistic colour.  The frame is polished and the final finish is a shinny stainless rather than the matt stainless of the original V10.  Trigger is changed to Infinity Trigger and trigger job is done to provide a crisper pull.  Together with the change of hammer, safety and grip screw, this V10 turns to a subtle and unique version of V10.

New MGC Ultra Compact V10 HW Slide locked (R.. V.)
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